Friday, January 16, 2009

Off to California

I'm taking Betty down to meet my folks this weekend. I'm sure that they will get along but there is always that little bit of nervousness. I hope that everyone has a great three day weekend!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ok so I have a cold...

So of course today is the day that we pick to do all of our errands. So my Saturday starts early.

  1. We go to the place where we think we are going to have the wedding.
  2. Then we go to get lunch at Quinns. Good food and a great price. I recommend it. Betty had the home made sausage sandwich and I had the Pa tee'.
  3. Then I got a frigen parking ticket!
  4. Then we went and looked at the wax model of the wedding ring. Went well! Betty like the the little touches that I put on the ring.
  5. Stopped by the "condo". To pick up some clothes and paper work.
  6. Drop the clothes off at the dry cleaners.
  7. Walgreen's to get my passport picture.
  8. Auto zone to pick up a head light for Betty's car.
  9. Hollywood video to pick up a movie.
  10. Home

Now I know that this doesn't seem like much for most of you but remember I'm really lazy! I don't like having to do more then one or two things in a day. And that includes getting out of bed. Well off to heat up left overs.... Because I tell you after day like this I'm not going to be cooking! Yes I cook and yes I'm in a bad mood. Cold + Errands = Pissy Joshua!

Anyway enough for now. I will catch you on the flip side!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome back Mr. Carlsen

Yes I'm back... Not that I ever left! I just was not posting!

Here are the highlights:

Went to the Vegas gathering! It was great! I had blast meeting so many great people! Big props the Zeem, The Wife, and Dr Chako for leading me around!

As for the tournament I played all of four hands before I was bounced out! Great job by Princess for taking it down! Honestly there was some great play from most of the players! I do have to say that I was really impressed by OhCaptian.

Went snowboarding once this year. I did so many push ups that my chest hurt the next day!

And this brings ups to Christmas. It was great! Betty and I had a great time. We then went to a friend of hers for dinner. They made a great prime rib. Ask Betty what they asked her to bring to dinner! LOL.... We went to the Nutcracker up in Seattle. It was great show! The props where amazing!

Then there was the Monday the 29th. So you ask what is so special about Monday the 29th the year of our lord 2008. Well it is the day that Betty said yes.... Well what did she say yes to you ask?

Maybe it was yes to me!!!!

So yes it was one of the best day's of my life! I don't know the joy that I'm feeling over this! It is just a great to know that I will be with her for the rest of my life!

Oh did you think the story ended there? No No No....

Now we are off to New York. Sorry Bobby and Rooster for not catching up with you! But the week was packed and we where meeting with some friends there. We got to see the ball drop from between two buildings. Thanks to Dr Chako we went down to Grimaldi's for dinner.

So could that be all.... NO... We got to the chance to move to Germany! And we are taking it...

I will get to see Germany and Germany will get to see me! I think Germany is more excited about the move then me!

Anyway that is all for now!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back and better then ever!

Hello all

I know that you have been disappointed that I have not posted in awhile. Sorry about that! The combo of being super busy and super lazy make for no posting. So here is the recap:

Poker front. I suck!

Betty front. She is great! I went to meet her family in Texas and Arkansas. It was good. A little high pressure but it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle. We just celebrated six months together. It is cool that someone could put up with me for six months.

Life front. Everything here is good with no complaints! I'm going to golf at Chambers Bay this Saturday. I'm excited about that! The course should kick my ass on every hole. From the pictures it looks difficult. I will let you know it goes! Just purchased a futon for island house! So now I can have house guests!
Promise I will write again! I don't know when...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Going to my island...

I'm going to my island for the next couple of days. So everyone have a safe and happy Labor Day!

This is a view from the deck. In the tree in the center that is a bald eagle.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another 5th place finish but....

This time it was for some cash. Took 5th in the Mookie last night. I bounced out of the Mookie when I pushed my A3 off into LJ's (and her monster stack) AK. I lost and she got revenge for crippling her earlier in the tournament. So I'm happy that I actually made some cash for my top five finish this time. But I didn't play all that well.

Betty front: All is good. I'm going to her place tonight for dinner.

Knee front: Work well. I get my stitches out tomorrow.

Poker Front: Doing better then before. But not because of good play. Can you say LUCK BOX!